Handmade Ceramic Sinks

We have a wonderful collection of hand-sculptured bathroom and kitchen sinks designed to enhance that special room in your home. These sinks are designed and made in my private studio on the island of Maui and feature several Hawaii-themed relief design such as turtles, whales, and pineapples. We offer a stunning array of colors to choose from, as well as custom colors upon request.  You can place this sink on top of your counter, have it recessed a few inches below the counter, under mounted, or used in a double vanity. The glazes are food safe, so they’re ideal for washing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

Our glaze finish is the highest quality cone 5 glaze that can be acquired in the USA, and each piece has five or six individual glazes layered on top of one another. The temperature of the kiln fires as high as 2100 degrees to melt the glazes to our specifications.  This extremely high temperature will actually cause the glazes to move around the surface of the piece, blending in delightfully unique ways and generating colors we can’t anticipate. This procedure allows each piece to be distinctive in its own remarkable way.

The actual clay body comprises of two types of clay: porcelain and stoneware.  The stoneware gives the sink incredible durability, and the porcelain allows the glaze to shine out in spectacular hues. The high-quality glaze will protect the sink from all manner of weather and wear-and-tear, guaranteeing a shiny, lustrous surface, as well as consistently brilliant hues (regardless of whether the sink is used indoors or outdoors) for years to come. The sinks are easily cleaned with any household dish washing soap.

If we are sold out of the sink you desire, the turnaround time to create a new one takes approximately 2 to 2.5 months from start to finish (except for the Bamboo Sinks which take 2.5 to 3 months). Please place your order early if you’re locked into a certain time frame.

Instructions for installing the sinks are available on our web page.

My unique sink designs have inspired many clients to enliven their bathroom or kitchen with a tropical, Hawaiian-theme, whether they live in Hawaii, Washington, New York, Canada or anywhere else on our diverse planet.

Bring some Aloha into your life from Maui!