Maui Ceramics

Handmade Ceramic Bathroom Sink 18.5" x 5.5" P18

Regular price $1,995.00

My Hawaiian sea turtle sink is beautifully hand sculpted featuring a family of eight adorable relief turtles design with a scalloped rim, featuring are island rain forest crystal green translucent colors. And the finest porcelain & stoneware ceramics to enhance the durability and structure of these handmade ceramic bathroom sink. Highlighting the handsomely scalloped rim size 5.5" x 18.5" measurement which allows adequate room for man sizes hands.  Your beloved Hawaiian sea turtles will be dancing in a playful fun atmosphere that you get to view daily.  The glazes with an incredible high sheen that will always maintain vibrant hues and easy to maintain will be sure to enhance the sophistication of your bathroom or kitchen for the generation to come.

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